‘Is Pakistan A Nation Or…?’: MQM Chief Altaf Hussain Calls It A Nation Of Slaves

London: Muttahida Qaumi Motion (MQM) supremo Altaf Hussain has stated that Pakistan is a rustic of 230 million slaves. The so-called democrats and politicians are time-servants and are the facilitators to their masters within the institution which consists of corrupt brasses within the army, prime bureaucrats, prime slots in larger and apex judiciary, feudal lords and actual property tycoons.

In his latest tweet, Altaf Hussain stated that “Pakistan has been made a joke. Army brasses are solely liable for Pakistan`s chapter, enslaved judiciary, ruined financial system and terrorism.”He stated that he has been struggling for the reversal of slavery and true freedom of the enslaved 230 million folks and therefore he’s dealing with the wrath of the ghoulish army prime brasses. “As well as, the army in alliance with its puppet governments carried genocide of Mohajirs which resulted in above 30,000 deaths,” he stated.

He slammed the rulers of Pakistan saying that the sly cabal of the institution decides the destiny of the inhabitants of 230 million. The nation`s draconian and ghoulish institution decides and even imposes the engineered governments via rigged elections and thus the governments shaped to serve their true masters. They mint billions of {dollars} via kickbacks, rob the nationwide exchequer and impose heavy taxes on the hunger-and-poverty-driven enslaved lots.

He accused the army generals and the army`s secret providers of corruption and stated that they dictate the nation`s home, financial and international insurance policies. They’re the army generals who resolve who’s a patriot and who’s a traitor. Elevating questions concerning the nation`s army`s political engineering, loot and plunder and genocide of individuals of oppressed Mohajirs and different nations has been made probably the most unpardonable crime and those that elevate such questions are declared as traitors as they’ve completed to the MQM supremo Altaf Hussain.

Hussain stated that the judges of decrease, larger and apex courts have acquired the standing of the entire structure. They are saying that they’re the structure and the legislation of the nation and the massive chiefs, feudal lords, and capitalists additionally equally declare that they’re the structure and legislation of the nation.

Then come the army generals who not solely declare however act as sole authorities. They are saying in a shrill voice that what they are saying, what they write and what they do is the actual structure and legal guidelines of the nation.

He questioned the place the enslaved 230 million folks stand. He requested the leaders of the structure and the legislation to reply with one voice that the 230 million individuals are slaves, peasants, farmers, labourers and farmers.

Subsequently, the helpless 230 million folks, together with girls and kids, who’re being killed and subjected to brutal cruelty, don’t elevate a number of noise and fuss over all types of injustices towards them. In any other case, emergency or martial legislation will probably be imposed within the nation, commented the MQM supremo.”You at all times confirmed us gentle to information us in the dead of night. Now the darkness is all over the place so It’s essential to descend to tear aside the darkness,” he prayed to Allah. 

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